Upcoming Events

Simonet's Annual Xmas Bag Raffle

Virtual Drawing

Bags will be up every day from Monday, November 28th until Last week of January. Since we are doing the Grand prize virtually, you need not be here to win, $5 gift bags come with mini bottle of booze, drawing for trip and another prize.
Grand prize will be $1000 Local Gift Certificates package along with several other prizes given away on the day of the drawing!!

Simonet's 61st Annual Xmas Party

Come join us for our annual Christmas Party on Sunday December 18th from Noon-10pm. We will have food all day long, drink specials, raffles, and other games all day. Extra batch of bags for the raffle.

Stillmank Football
Punch Card

Every time you have a Stillmank beer during an NFL game you pick a team out to try and fill up your punch card. Every time you fill up your card you are entered into drawing for Stillmank barrel parties.

Drawing will be at halftime Super Bowl Sunday.
We will add special event days as the year goes along to make it easier to fill up your cards.